• Miranda Jordan

What Are the Benefits of Using A 3PL?

Partnering with a third-party logistics company can bring many benefits to organizations utilizing their services.  3PLs can save their customers money and time while bringing expertise and experience to the table.  

Saves You Money

3PLs have the leverage to negotiate deep discounts with LTL freight carriers.  They then pass those discounts onto their customers.  Small to midsize businesses usually don’t ship enough freight to qualify for heavy discounts from the carriers.  By using a 3PL, businesses can usually get a larger discount than they would get on their own. 

Saves You Time

Utilizing the services of a 3PL can save organizations time.  Requesting quotes from multiple freight carriers allows shippers to compare and choose the best rate for each shipment.  Although this is great for comparing rates, it is extremely time consuming and wastes time.  3PLs utilize software that allows their customers to instantly obtain quotes from multiple carriers.  This allows companies to comparison shop rates and estimated delivery times between multiple carriers within a matter of minutes.  

3PLs also schedule your freight pickup with the carrier for you.  They will handle any problems that may arise with the carriers.  If your freight is damaged, they will file the freight claim on your behalf.  All these services save you time, allowing you to focus your time on your business.

Expertise and Experience

A huge, often overlooked benefit of using a 3PL is the knowledge and expertise they bring to the table.  3PLS are experts at what they do.  They know the ins and outs of the industry. 

  • Unsure which freight class to use?  

  • Need help choosing a carrier that is more reliable with on time deliveries?  

  • Want to purchase additional freight insurance? 

  • Not sure which carriers will pick up an over length item?  

Your trusted 3PL will be able to guide you through these situations and help you choose the best carrier for your shipment.  

Nexday Logistics is a 3PL with over 20 years of experience offering LTL, FTL and small parcel services.  Contact us today at 281-550-2000 or send us a message below for a quick no obligation quote and let us help you with your next shipment.

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