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 Our goal is to save you money on your direct shipping costs while meeting your shipping needs and finding ways to make you more efficient.  

The Vision of NexDay Logistics

Ted Michaelson created Nexday Logistics in January 2009.  The company was created with the idea of providing small and medium sized businesses with large business discounts.  However, the discounts were just part of Ted’s equation in building a successful business.  Through his extensive experience he learned that smaller businesses want best in class customer service.  They do not want to call an 800 number and push an endless number of buttons just to have a recording talk back to them.  They want real people providing meaningful service.

By teaming up with other small logistics companies, Nexday Logistics was able to obtain huge discounts from carriers based on the combined volume of not only his own customers, but the volume of thousands of customers.  Using this formula, he has been able to maintain a smaller business that caters to the needs of fewer customers.  In the end, the Nexday Logistics’ customer gets the best of both worlds—superior discounts and unmatched customer service. 

The reciprocating loyalty of company to customer is a testament of the success of Nexday Logistics.



When you call NexDay Logistics, you will never get an automated system.


Ted Michaelson

Ted Michaelson founded Nexday Logistics in January 2009.  His experience in shipping goes back to his days in college, beginning in 1988, when he worked as a driver for Airborne Express--as a means to put himself through college.  Since then his entire career has been in shipping.  Ted’s extensive experience as a franchisee for UniShippers, United Shipping Solutions, and co-owner of Expess1, reselling the services of Airborne Express, DHL and freight services, has molded him into an individual who knows what small and medium sized businesses want and need from a logistics provider.  He understands the reciprocating value of providing unparalleled service to his customers. 

As Office Manager, Annette Pike oversees the daily operations of the company.  Her main focus is ensuring customer’s needs are met.  With more than ten years of experience in the logistics industry, her knowledge allows her to work with the carriers efficiently and effectively--giving customers peace of mind regarding their shipments.  

Annette Pike

Miranda Jordan

Miranda holds the position of Inside Sales at Nexday Logistics.  She is responsible for acquiring and assisting new shippers with our online LTL and small parcel portals.  Miranda enjoys speaking with potential clients and assisting them with our shipping solutions.  She goes above and beyond to find ways to save customers time and money with our services.  

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